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Traffic Survival School (TSS) ) is for drivers who have committed a serious driving violation or have accumulated too many points on their driver’s license. Traffic Survival School is not the same as Defensive Driving School (DDC). So in Arizona, you will be required to complete traffic school if you have:

A conviction of any infraction having eight (8) points such as:

Traffic Survival School (TSS) is mandated by MVD (Motor Vehicle Division), and TSS schools are licensed by MVD. For any questions, please give us a call at (602) 882-0960.

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Arizona traffic survival courses are designed to teach safe driving habits and are required in the case of some serious driving violations.

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AZ KAR Traffic Survival School is state licensed by the AZ Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Our classes are conducted in a positive learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in traffic survival school can be mandated but it doesn't have to be difficult. Get more information on what to expect from our frequently asked questions.

Classes are offered in person. However, these classes fill up quickly so it is recommended that registration be completed online to secure your seat.